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From renewable energy to agriculture to IT and more, Israel is a leader in the global innovation sector. In Africa, these innovations have the power to save lives. With similar climates and natural resources, Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies are a natural fit for African villages. Our mission is to share the knowledge and expertise developed in Israel with people and communities that need it.

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With Israeli Innovation

Energy Box & Mini

The Energy Box has the capacity to light an entire school or medical center and power laptops and medical equipment. It uses a Lithium-Ion battery and special LED light bulbs made in Israel, which ensure a long-lasting energy solution. Sustainable, efficient and cost-effective, the Energy Box transforms our projects and provides an optimized, scalable and long-lasting solution for rural clinics and schools across Africa.

Remote Monitoring System

Our remote monitoring system is integrated into the Energy Box. The system provides real-time updates on the energy projects and is able to detect problems before they occur. All the data is easily viewed through our web version, or our newly launched mobile application.

Through the remote monitoring system, our local teams and donors receive an alert if anything out of the ordinary is detected, and Innovation: Africa’s local engineers and contractors are quickly dispatched to the community to fix the problem.

How it works

The iA Energy Box

iA Drip Irrigation

Innovation: Africa is using Israeli developed drip irrigation technology, allowing villages to grow more food with less water.

Drip irrigation not only dramatically improves food security but also economic development and financial independence.

Humans of iA Testimony
Charles, Onion Farmer in Uganda

Bringing solutions straight from Israel to empower lives

We never stop looking for the latest technologies that help transform lives. We've reached nearly 3 million people so far, but there's much more work to be done, and we look forward to doing it together.


Thank you for making It possible.

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All activities conducted in Israel are done through Innovation Africa Israel Ltd., an Israeli charitable company.

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