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In July of 2014, Innovation: Africa expanded our work to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Here's a quick look at our first projects:

11,000 SERVED

Dikembe Mutombo isn't just an 8 time NBA All Star, he's also won awards for his philanthropy in his native Congo and beyond. We're big fans of Dikembe both on and off the court, and were thrilled when he asked us to join him in powering a school and medical clinic in Bu Village just outside of his hometown: Kinshasa. Together, we've now brought Israeli solar technology to the 11,000 people of Bu so that students can study at night, doctors can treat their patients 24 hours a day, and the clinic can refrigerate lifesaving medicines and vaccines.

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The Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) has offices in 21 African countries, and last year alone they drilled enough wells to provide clean water to 398,000 people. Last week, they brought the Innovation: Africa team to Georgette's Orphanage in the DRC, and thanks to funding from them, our Israeli engineers were able to pump clean water up from 150 meters below ground for children who had none. Not only that, but we planted a drip irrigation garden, which will give these orphans food to eat, and teach them about sustainable and innovative agriculture. DRC's Minister of Energy joined us for the installation, and it was broadcast twice on national TV.

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