Gudo Medical Clinic

Total Impact: 23,522 people

Date of Installation: April 2009

Donor: Henry & Myrtle Hirsch Family Foundation

Summary: The gudo clinic is the only medical facility in a region of 23,522 people. it is isolated by bad roads and run by esrael lema, a single nurse who has been the only employee of the clinic for over a year. without electricity, nurse lema struggled to treat patients at night with only candles and kerosene lamps for light. she also could not charge the cell phone given to her by the closest hospital—over 15 km away—to call for a restock of medical supplies. now, with solar energy from innovation: africa, nurse lema can offer quality medical care by day and night. she uses her cell phone regularly to call for replacement medicines, vaccines and other medical needs. the nearby government development agent, inspired by our project, has laid out plans to turn this small clinic into a full health post, with more staff and greater supplies, finally providing the 23,522 people served by this clinic with the treatment they deserve.


Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor (JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

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