Colomine Health Center

Total Impact: 5,088

Date of Installation: January 2018

Donor: Unicef

Summary: Before Colomine Health Center was powered by solar energy, the members of the community had to travel over 100km to retrieve vaccines.  Because of the far distance and poor conditions, many people decided not to make this journey, meaning children under the age of 5 were dying from treatable conditions. Once Colomine received solar energy from Innovation: Africa, they were able to have a fridge that could properly store all vaccines and medicines they needed available to safely treat any patients seeking treatment.  In comparison to before, a majority of children are now able to get the vaccines they need to live long and happy lives!

Ndokayo Health Center

Total Impact: 18,596

Date of Installation: January 2018

Donor: Unicef

Summary: When our team traveled to Ndokayo Clinic, they were greeted by a nurse who told us about a first-hand experience working with patients in the dark.  She said “Attending emergencies at night was a nightmare, sometimes you walk to work and then realize that the kerosene is finished or that the candles are all burnt out.” After hearing about some first-hand experiences of patients, Innovation: Africa knew we had to help. Thanks to our partnership with UNICEF, we were able to install solar powered energy to the clinic, helping 18,596 people who utilize this clinic for treatment. Now, if there are ever any emergencies at night, the nurses and doctors have more motivation to work thanks to the light they have.

Tongo Gandima

Total Impact: 11,787

Date of Installation: August 2017

Donor: Unicef

Summary: Tongo Gandima Integrated Medical Center serves over 8,000 people who now have the opportunity to receive treatment at night without the need to bring candles or kerosene lamps to the hospital at night. Thanks to Innovation: Africa and UNICEF Cameroon, together installing solar energy, lights and refrigeration to properly care for the entire village of  Tongo Gandima for years to come.

Garga Sarali Village

Total Impact: 4,000

Date of Installation: September 2017

Donor: Unicef

Summary: Garga Sarali Village, located in Bertoua, Cameroon, serves a population of 4,000 people. In recent months this village has doubled in size due to influx of refugees from the Central African Republic because of civil war. Garga Sarli is approximately 150 km from the border of CAR. In September 2017, Innovation: Africa initiated a partnership with UNICEF Cameroon to install a solar water pumping system in Garga Sarali providing access to clean water for the first time. Garga Sarali water project is one of 4 projects that will be completed in collaboration. Garga Sarali's water project facilitates water provision for all community members within the village for both native Cameroonians and refugees of CAR. 10 taps installed .

Ngoura HC

Total Impact: 7,744

Date of Installation: August 2017

Donor: Unicef

Summary: Ngoura Central Integrated Health Center has been operating without solar since 1987. With a full-time staff of 4 health workers, Ngoura serves a population of 7,744 people. On average monthly at night, there are 3-5 deliveries at night exposing the mothers and newborns to many complications from kerosene fumes or lack of light to properly perform the delivery.  In August 2017, Innovation: Africa installed access to light, refrigeration to store vaccines and medicines to newborns can be vaccinated and lifesaving medicines can be provided to people for the first time, all under the light of solar energy.

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