Executive Advisory Committee

David Arison (Israel)

The Ted Arison Family Foundation


Ralph Nakash (USA)

Jordache Investment


Stuart Stone (South Africa)

Co founder & Co CEO Bayport Management Limited

Board of Directors

Steve Tepper

Chairman of the Board


Andrew Fine

Founding Partner, Novel TMT Investment Group


Daniel Berkove

Senior Associate, Strategic Energy Initiatives

IHS Markit


David Arison

CEO of The Doing Good Model Organization
at the Arison Group, VP of Global Relations at Arison Investments & The Ted Arison Family Foundation


Ambassador Isaiah Chabala

Former Ambassador of Zambia
to the UN and EU


Jason T. Hirsch

Co-Founder and President, Micamold Management, LLC

Director/Board Member, Marco Polo Pure China Fund

Managing Partner, JJS Associates, LP


Jonathan Hollander

Founder & CEO, Chesapeake Advisory Group, LLC

(Chair of the Finance & Auditing Committee)


Liz Kaner

Morton Williams Supermarkets


Rand Neveloff

Co-Chairman and CEO, Link Global Group S.A.


Ron Braverman

Founding Member, Danover Capital, LLC.


Adam Sultan

VP, Duke Properties

Principal, Red Leaf Properties

Kaizen Ventures


Marie-Antoinette Boot

VP of Marketing, BCH America


Audrey Weiner

Former President & CEO, The New Jewish Home


David Frieze

Sixth Street Properties, LLC


Tamira Chapman

President and CEO, Storehouse In A Box, LLC


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